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ISO-9001:2015 Certified Provider of High-Performance Inertial Measurement Units at Market Leading Values

Not Recommended for New Design

The MS-IMU3020 Inertial Measurement Unit provides one degree per hour inertial performance at a market leading value.

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The MS-IMU3025 Inertial Measurement Unit provides sub 1 °/h gyroscope and 3.7 µg accelerometer bias instability performance at a marketing leading value.

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The MS-IMU3030 is a miniature high-performance IMU with 0.56 degree per hour bias stability gyroscopes and less than 3 micro g bias stability accelerometers.

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The MS-IMU3050 is an Inertial Measurement Unit that provides a smaller, lower power, and more cost-effective alternative to Fiber Optic Gyro based IMUs.

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