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Custom Developed Rate of Turn Device

Today's marine navigation environment offers unprecedented challenges. With the advent of worldwide commerce and economy of scales, Vessel sizes have reached toward the extremes. This has created congestion and pushed the depth limits of many ports and harbors around the world. This, coupled with the commercially valuable and environmentally damaging cargo these vessels carry, creates a need for a highly accurate marine navigation sensors and systems for delivering real time data for trajectory correction in-port and underway.

Recognizing this need, Memsense was approached to design and develop one such system for a customer looking to offset and replace current navigation systems. The result was a completely custom, proprietary marine navigation device utilizing MEMS technology, in an optical-gyroscope dominated application. Designed to comply with stringent maritime regulations such as IMO Resolution A.526 (13) and ISO 20672:2007, the device achieves extreme accuracy through Memsense’s proprietary sensor integration and estimation algorithms, for a never before seen level of accuracy, portability, and value in navigation systems.

Memsense exceeded the customer’s expectations in terms of performance and delivery, producing the first prototype just three months after initiation of the development agreement, with the finished product completing the customer’s qualification testing five months later. This development illustrates Memsense’s ability to enable its customers to capitalize on growth in demand for custom inertial sensors and navigation systems.

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