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Inertial Measurement Unit
Miniature High Performance IMU


2.9 µg
Accel Bias Instability
0.55 °/hr
Gyro Bias Instability
0.005 m/s/√h
Velocity Random Walk
0.11 °/√h
Angle Random Walk
Up to
Output Sample Rates


The MS-IMU3030 Inertial Measurement Unit delivers unmatched low drift performance in an ultra-compact aluminum package. The IMU contains triaxial MEMS gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers that are extensively tested and calibrated over the full operational temperature range to ensure the highest performance and robust operation. The gyro bias stability of 0.55 degrees per hour and accel bias stability of 2.9 micro g supply ample performance to support a range of applications from UAS navigation and control to platform stabilization. The inertial measurement unit’s accelerometer provides more application flexibility with a 40 g dynamic range option. User configurable options allow the IMU to be tuned to your application with configurable bandwidth, sample rate, dynamic ranges, 1 PPS input and other measurement parameters. The blend of miniature size and high performance in the MS-IMU3030 IMU is unparalleled in the low drift IMU market.


  • Leading Inertial Measurement Unit Performance to Size
  • Low Drift Rate Gyros with a 0.55 °/h Stability
  • Accelerometer Bias Stability of 2.9 µg
  • Low Noise Accelerometers 20 µg/√Hz Noise Density
  • User Configurable Inertial Measurement Parameters
  • Configuration Software Provided
  • Compatible with the MS-IMU3020 and MS-IMU3050
  • Miniature Size 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.45 inches,
  • Light Weight at 25 grams
  • Low Power 1.35 watts


  • Navigation Systems
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Pointing
  • Platform Stabilization
  • UAS Navigation and Control
  • Surveying
  • Robotics
  • Camera Stabilization


Dynamic Range ±480 °/s ±8 g ±1.9
Bias Instability 0.56 °/h 2.9 μg  
Offset 27 °/h 670 μg ±0.005 gauss
Non-linearity 0.05 %FS 0.1% FS  
Random Walk 0.11 °/√h 0.005 m/s/√h  
Noise Density 0.003 °/s/√Hz 20 μg/√Hz 79.2 μgauss/√Hz
Bandwidth (-3 dB) 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz